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I graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in Religion, and I am currently a student at Yale Divinity School. The purpose of this website is to collect all of my writings in one convenient location. For each category pieces are listed from newest to oldest.

My Work


Is Discerning Your Calling Becoming Your “Holy Grail”?
Managing Expectations about Work, Life After College
Retirement Reexamined
How Worship Recalibrates Our View of Vocation
Rest Is Not Something You Work at
The Importance of Vulnerability in Leadership
Is God Necessary for Vocation?
15 Quotes to Deepen Your Understanding of Vocation
Is Vocation the Key to Revitalizing Higher Education?
Do I Need a Job to Be Able to Work for God?


Imagining Humane (Household) Economies
Redeeming Capitalism is an Uphill Battle
Can Microfinance Really Help the Poor?
Are We Going in Circles Concerning Freedom and Economic Growth?

Public Theology

The False Promise of Natural Law Liberalism
The Ordinary Christian Option
Asceticism is for Everyone
Natural Law and the Prospects of Persuasion
The Evangelical Sensibility of the Benedict Option [Evangelical Quarterly Vol. XC No. 2 April 2019]
The Kuyperian Impulse of the Benedict Option
Is There Still Room for Christian Political Advocacy?
Is There a Problem with Conscience?
Are We Doomed to the Future Envisioned by Apocalyptic Entertainment?
How Ordinary People Are Giving Glimpses of God’s Restoration
The Power and Potency of Local Cultural Engagement
Can ‘Faithful Presence’ Change the World? Some Christian Leaders Aren’t so Sure
What We Talk about When We Talk about “Changing the World”

General Theology

Imagining Divine Participation
A Theology of Proportion [A Review of God in Himself]
Debating Perseverance: A Book Review
Instability and the Noonday Devil
Martin Luther and the Seven Sacraments – Book Review [Ad Fontes May 2018]
Generosity – More Than Money Can Buy
The Four-Chapter Gospel Is a Story of Awful People
The World Is Not on Your Shoulders
Grappling with the True Meaning of Power
What Is the Meaning of Mission in Today’s World?
Who Do You Say That Jesus Is?
Making Christian Apologetics Personal Again: A Review of Os Guinness’s “Fool’s Talk”


Reason for Being: A Christian Vision for the Arts


Rebuilding Community After College
Community Is More than Just ‘Being There’

Literary Analysis (of films, books, and other literature broadly defined)

They Stood On Their Feet [The Slumbering Host]
Welcome to the Gift of Condescension [Welcome to the N.H.K.]
Ahead of the Curve: A Reflection on the Joker’s Terrible Insight [The Dark Knight]
The Weight of Delayed Glory [The Diary of a Country Priest]
In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part One)
In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part Two)
In God’s Good Time – An Analysis of Steins;Gate (Part Three)
Is ‘The Hobbit’ Marxist?
Planetarian: An Analysis (Part One)
Planetarian: An Analysis (Part Two)
Planetarian: An Analysis (Part Three)


Newly Published Essays, Memoirs Give Insight into C.S. Lewis and His Circle



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